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Mobile gun range makes its second appearance during second annual Off-Road Shootout race

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Multiple people got to try their hand on the range over the weekend of the second annual Lucas Oil Speedway Off Road Shootout. The range was one of several attractions to the track that day.

Wheatland, MO (July 11, 2018) – Lucas Oil Speedway Racetrack hosted the second annual Geico Off-Road Shootout race Friday, June 22-Sunday, June 24. The three day race featured well known names in off-road racing. A large crowd flooded into the stands, bringing the facility to near capacity over the weekend, and numerous vendors set up shop to provide concessions for the guests.

However, there was a lot more going on in the Lucas Oil Speedway Off-Road racing pits than just fans buying merchandise. When she wasn't watching the races, actress Christina Moore met with fans and signed autographs. Moore was one of the stars in the recent Lucas Oil film "Dirt," a story based on off-road racing. She is also known for roles in the movie "Without A Paddle" and as the replacement of Lisa Robin Kelly as Laurie Foreman in "That's 70's Show."

One of the other big attractions was the mobile shooting range set up by the Lucas Oil Outdoor line. The mobile range made its debut during the annual Show-Me 100 Races late last month and has been sitting in the off-road racing pits, where it has been used by local law enforcement from multiple organizations to train in low lighting settings. It has also been used for teaching area teachers who have chosen to become conceal and carry holders in the new defense against mass school shootings.

Lucas Oil Mobile Gun Range

Safety First – Chris Livingston, of Huntsville, is shown taking aim with one of the multiple pistols provided by STI Guns for shooting paper targets inside the Lucas Oil Outdoor Line mobile shooting range Saturday, June 23. Multiple people got to try their hand on the range over the weekend of the second annual Lucas Oil Speedway Off Road Shootout. The range was one of several attractions to the track that day.

The range in question is actually a modified over the road semi trailer. It has been worked into an armored shooting range, with ballistic reinforcements on all six sides of the compartment. This new resource is even being credited with saving money for the county, as the Lucas Oil Outdoors Line crew have been allowing law enforcement to use it for free, as opposed to going to an out of county range to practice their skills. Being a mobile range, it will not stay put at the Lucas Oil track. It will instead be driven to multiple events, such as Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, throughout the country to increase the amount of people who will have a chance to use it, as well as a promotional tool for their products and gun manufacturing partners.

"We want to introduce fans to the fun and safety aspect of shooting," said Lisa Marie Judy, manager of the Lucas Oil Outdoor Line, who also happens to be a certified instructor with the NRA and a range safety officer.

The Lucas Oil Outdoor Line is partnered with the gun manufacture STI, based in Georgetown, Texas. They brought in 12 different models of firearms for guests to test fire at the range, all of which are on the 1911 Colt, but with polymer grip, and a double stack magazine carrying 14 rounds. All of the firearms were 9mm. For more information on STI go to

In order to shoot, a person had to be 18 years or older, and sign a waver releasing the company for any liability. They also had to follow a few range safety rules such as keeping the fire arm pointed down range, only placing their finger on the trigger when ready to fire, wear ear and eye protection, and a few other short rules. If someone had been drinking alcohol throughout the day, they were not allowed to test fire the pistol at the range. Instead, they were advised to come back the following day, if there was one, and to come to the range before having a drink.

The staff were all trained range safety officers who were in charge of making sure these rules were followed. For new shooters, they got a brief crash course lesson on proper gun handling, such where to place their hand to avoid what they called "Slide Bite," and how to sight the target. "The basic fundamentals of pistol shooting," Judy called them. After these lessons, each individual had a chance to shoot six rounds at paper targets. Then as they were leaving, they received little goodie bags filled with an Outdoor Line Coozie, a patch, and slick mist. They also received special bracelets that meant they could come back throughout the day to shoot.

The Lucas Oil Crew got their chances in the range Friday night. Then at 10 a.m. the next morning until 5 p.m. Saturday, the range was opened to the public to try their hands and ask questions. The range was also open Sunday. On Saturday alone, Judy stated that they had exceeded the number of shooters they had over the entire Show-me 100 races.

This shooting range was also used as a way of promoting the next Lucas Oil Outdoor Line event, which will be the Pistol Caliber Carbine World Championship shooting competition held August 24-26, at the Lucas Oil Ranch gun range. The event will be open to the public and which will feature some of the top shooters from around the globe.

As for the rest of the weekend, it is unknown the exact number of people who attended the races, though it was stated in a press release they were near capacity Saturday night. Saturday also featured one of their regular car races on the original Diamond of Dirt Tracks.

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Keep up, if you can - Two racers in the second annual Lucas Oil Off Road Shootout races battled for the top spot in their division Saturday, June 23. However, there was just as much going on in the pits as out on the track, including visits from actress Christina Moore, the second appeance of the Lucas Oil Outdoor Line mobile shooting range, and numerous vendors selling racing merchandise and concessions.

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Cheering Crowd - A cheering crowd shouted their support for their favorite races Saturday, June 23, during the second annual Off Road Shootout Race, which began Friday, June 22, and continued through Sunday, June 24.

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Snacks and drinks - The large crowd of people that came to experience the second annual Off-Road Races Shootout Saturday, June 23, had a wide variety of concessions to choose from throughout the day. All concessions stand were set up in the pit area behind the stands of the off-road track. This included the Lucas Oil Outdoor Line mobile shooting range, a tent promoting the movie "Dirt" where the starring actress, Christina Moore, met with fans and signed autographs, and many others.