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Former Champ Jeremy “Showtime” McGrath Steals the Show at Rockstar Energy Golden State Off Road Nationals from Glen Helen

Monday, October 14, 2019
Former Champ Jeremy “Showtime” McGrath Steals the Show at Rockstar Energy Golden State Off Road Nationals from Glen Helen

Championship Battles Tighten Up Even More Heading into Season Finale

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (October 11, 2019) – On the heels of a brief summer break from competition, the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, presented by GEICO, made its anticipated return to action to kick off the stretch run of the 2019 season. Just two events and three rounds of racing remained as the world’s most talented off-road racers made their second visit to famed Glen Helen Raceway, where a doubleheader was on deck at the Rockstar Energy Golden State Off Road Nationals, presented by General Tire.

The two-day showcase during this incredibly crucial period of the championship across all nine classes featured the trademark competitiveness that makes the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series stand alone in the racing world. While the drama continued to mount in the chase for each respective division title, it’s hard to ague that no driver enjoyed themselves more than former champion Jeremy “Showtime” McGrath. After stepping away from full-time competition for the 2019 season, the 2017 Pro 2 Champion decided to dust off his helmet, racing suit, and driving shoes for a one-off appearance at his home race. The “King of Supercross” showed absolutely no rust from his time away from the door-banging action of short-course off-road, and emerged triumphant on both Saturday and Sunday in the Pro 2 class to capture the weekend sweep.

Jeremy McGrath’s (center) return to the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series was a memorable one.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series


Pro 2
All season long, the battle at the front of the Pro 2 class has been exceptional. Entering Glen Helen, four different drivers had broke through for victory, and all four of those exceptional talents – Jerett Brooks, Rodrigo Ampudia, Brian Deegan, and defending champion Rob MacCachren – were in the thick of the hunt for this season’s title thanks to those victories. With his trio of wins, Brooks carried a slight edge and much-needed momentum into San Bernardino, but no one was ready for McGrath to come in and spoil the party.


A record number of seven trucks were equipped with the new Pro 2M engine at Glen Helen, and in his first race with the next-gen motor McGrath grabbed the pole ahead of Ampudia for Saturday’s opening race. To no ones surprise, Brooks paced the group of open engine trucks, but with a much deeper field of Pro 2M trucks to deal with, Brooks and the rest of the open engine drivers were going to have their work cut out for them.

When the Pro 2M lineup took off from the standing start it was McGrath to jumped out to the lead over Ampudia and Andrew Carlson. When the open trucks launched a short time later, Brooks easily paced that group and immediately went to work on closing the deficit. Out front, McGrath had his truck dialed in and he opened up a significant gap over Ampudia, who continued to fend off Carlson. It was likewise for Brooks, who looked to definitively be the class of the open field and ran all by himself in catching the tail end of the Pro 2M lineup. By the time the competition caution flew at the halfway point of the race, Brooks had fought his way up to third as the lone open truck sandwiched in between a slew of Pro 2M trucks, led by McGrath and Ampudia.

When racing resumed on the staggered restart, Brooks’ ability to race into the top three proved to be a significant advantage in his quest to catch the leaders as he enjoyed a clear track. As McGrath and Ampudia continued with their shrinking advantage out front, Brooks was on a mission to track them down. With a handful of laps to go the caution flew again after Deegan and RJ Anderson got stuck together on the track. On the staggered restart, McGrath and Ampudia held a slight advantage of about six seconds over Brooks, and that lead was minimized a bit more after McGrath’s truck hit a rut and lost some momentum, briefly halting the progress of the top two. Another caution halted the field one final time, but on this restart Brooks was right where he wanted to be as he had successfully passed Ampudia for second. As he tracked down McGrath, Brooks’ hopes for victory were dashed when he suffered a flat rear tire and was forced to come into the pit. That handed second back to Ampudia, with Brandon Arthur in third. A short time later, Arthur took advantage of a bobble by Ampudia to move into second. A wild final lap saw Ampudia lose another spot to Cory Winner, only to have Winner spin in front of Ampudia on the final turn and halt both drivers. That opened the door for Anderson to steal third. McGrath went wire to wire to take the win, with Arthur second and Anderson third.

Saturday Pro 2 Results

  1. #2 Jeremy McGrath
  2. #6 Brandon Arthur
  3. #37 RJ Anderson
  4. #38 Brian Deegan
  5. #36 Rodrigo Ampudia

McGrath (2) kicked the weekend off with a dominant wire-to-wire win on Saturday.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

If Saturday was any indication, the battle for the Pro 2 win on Sunday was destined to be exciting. Jeremy McGrath shocked everyone with his dominant performance, and he was in a position to do it again after he posted the fastest lap time of the Pro 2M trucks and started at the head of the field, while Brooks did the same for the open trucks. When the Pro 2M trucks took off on the staggered start to get the action underway, McGrath assumed his spot at the head of the field, followed by Andrew Carlson and Cory Winner. When the open trucks launched off the line, Brooks controlled the head of the lineup over RJ Anderson. An early caution forced a restart, from which McGrath easily maintained his control of the lead, while Cory Winner jumped up into second. As everyone kept an eye on the open trucks, Brooks and Anderson started to close in near the halfway point. Brooks broke into the top five and then into the top four right at the halfway mark of the race. The caution flew again with just six laps to go.

When they restarted, a handful of seconds separated Brooks from the trio of Pro 2M trucks ahead of him and he went to work on tracking them down. While McGrath continued to lead, Winner kept him honest from second, while both Brooks and Anderson made their move around Ampudia to take over third and fourth, respectively. The caution flew a couple more times in the final laps, which ultimately worked into the favor of both McGrath and Winner. The pace of the top two, combined with Brooks’ inability to get into a rhythm to close the deficit, ultimately resulted in the first 1-2 finish for Pro 2M trucks in series history. McGrath completed the perfect weekend, going wire to wire in both races, by taking the checkered flag 1.7 seconds ahead of Winner. Brooks followed in third.

While Brooks’ third-place finish on Sunday salvaged a tough weekend, his 12th-place effort on Saturday ended up costing him control of the Pro 2 point lead as Ampudia’s pair of fifth-place finishes was enough to put him in control of the standings heading into the final round. Just five points sit between the two, setting the stage for an epic finale.

Sunday Pro 2 Results

  1. #2 Jeremy McGrath
  2. #16 Cory Winner
  3. #77 Jerett Brooks
  4. #37 RJ Anderson
  5. #36 Rodrigo Ampudia

Pro 2 Points

  1. #36 Rodrigo Ampudia – 378
  2. #77 Jerett Brooks – 373
  3. #38 Brian Deegan – 353
  4. #37 RJ Anderson – 347
  5. #21 Rob MacCachren – 336

McGrath withstood pressure virtually all race long on Sunday, but still led every lap.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Pro 4
Following a strong outing at the last stop of the 2019 season, multi-time champion Kyle LeDuc was able to put some distance between himself and his Pro 4 rivals coming into Glen Helen. The second-generation racer carried an 18-point lead over defending champion RJ Anderson as the weekend began, with Doug Mittag just an additional point back in third. As the only three race winners this season, it seemed destined that the battle for victory at the San Bernardino doubleheader would come down to one of these three.

When they came to take the green flag to begin the opening Pro 4 race of the weekend on Saturday, it wasn’t surprising to see LeDuc capitalize on his pole position to assume the early lead over Mittag. Adrian Cenni slotted into third, while Anderson was fighting hard against Greg Adler in a battle for fourth. A slight miscue on the opening lap by Mittag gave LeDuc a lot of breathing room out front, but Mittag started to chip away at the deficit. Behind them, a patient Anderson worked his way by Cenni for third and gave chase to his rivals. Unfortunately for Mittag, his early incident proved to be detrimental to his truck as the front left tire slowly flattened with each passing lap. As his pace stated to drop, Mittag lost his hold of second to Anderson and then lost third to Adler, forcing him to duck into the pits just before the competition caution.

When the second half of the race got underway, LeDuc resumed his torrid pace out front as Anderson gave chase from second. As he looked to rebound from his troubles, something appeared to fail on the same right front of Mittag’s truck, eliminating him from contention and forcing the caution for a second time. When the racing resumed it turned into a battle between LeDuc, Anderson and Adler for the win, with LeDuc maintaining the upper hand he held all race long. With just a few laps to go LeDuc carried too much momentum into a corner and nearly spun, which brought him to a stop in the middle of the racing line. A hard-charging Anderson had nowhere to go but hard into the side of LeDuc, but the champ was able to continue on with the lead. LeDuc’s truck didn’t re-fire, which handed second to Adler. The caution flew for the incident and when the green flag waved on last time Anderson was able to bring home his second win of the season over Adler, while Cenni soldiered home in third.

Saturday Pro 4 Results

  1. #37 RJ Anderson
  2. #10 Greg Adler
  3. #11 Adrian Cenni
  4. #99 Kyle LeDuc
  5. #81 Doug Mittag

Anderson emerged victorious for his second Pro 4 win of the season on Saturday.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

After a disappointing end to his afternoon on Saturday, Kyle LeDuc came into Sunday in search of redemption. Based on qualifying times, he had the fastest truck at Glen Helen, and barring any additional mistakes or issues with his truck, it’d be tough for any of his rivals to outrun him. LeDuc started on the pole for the weekend finale, flanked by Doug Mittag to his right and RJ Anderson right behind him. A good start at the drop of the green was going to be crucial, and LeDuc nailed it, quickly seizing control of the top spot into the first turn. As the early laps unfolded, LeDuc, Mittag and Anderson had a strong hold of the top three, with Mittag keeping LeDuc honest up front. Just before the halfway point of the race, Anderson entered a turn too fast and got his truck up on two wheels, which carried him off the track. He suffered damage in the excursion and was forced to retire, handing third place to Adrian Cenni. The caution eventually flew as Anderson was unable to continue.

On the restart Mittag pushed to try and pressure LeDuc into a mistake, but LeDuc withstood the challenge and pulled away. A caution flag with a handful of laps remaining bunched the field up again, and Mittag continued to do all he could to try and unsettle LeDuc when the racing resumed. Mittag made a series of impressive moves that allowed him to get on the inside of LeDuc a couple times, and on the final lap he made his biggest move of the race, successfully getting door-to-door with LeDuc. Unfortunately, Mittag carried too much speed into the corner, got unsettled on dirt piled up on the edge of the track and flipped. LeDuc cruised to his fifth win of the season over Cenni, while Greg Adler came home third.

The misfortune from his main rivals proved to be beneficial to LeDuc in the Pro 4 championship standings, where he now holds a 26-point lead over Anderson heading into the final round.

Sunday Pro 4 Results

  1. #99 Kyle LeDuc
  2. #11 Adrian Cenni
  3. #10 Greg Adler
  4. #81 Doug Mittag
  5. #37 RJ Anderson

Pro 4 Points

  1. #99 Kyle LeDuc – 417
  2. #37 RJ Anderson – 391
  3. #81 Doug Mittag – 388
  4. #11 Adrian Cenni – 373
  5. #10 Greg Adler – 372

LeDuc (front) rebounded from a frustrating opening race to win on Sunday.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Pro Lite
Thanks to near-bulletproof consistency, Ryan Beat’s title defense thus far in Pro Lite has been relatively drama free. Beat had failed to finish on the podium just once in the six rounds leading into Glen Helen, picking up a pair of wins along the way. Through it all, Brock Heger kept Beat honest, picking up a pair of wins of his own and regularly making his presence felt at the front of the field. As a result, just six points separated Beat from Heger coming into the weekend.

When they took to the track for the first race of the doubleheader on Saturday, Heger put himself ahead of Beat on the starting grid. Heger lined up alongside polesitter Jimmy Weitzel on the front row, while Beat lined up sixth, putting a few trucks between he and his championship rival. When they roared to the green flag Heger took full advantage of a great jump to move into the lead while Weitzel nearly saw his race come to an end in the first turn when he put his truck up on two wheels. That moved Mickey Thomas into second and Ronnie Anderson into third, while Beat settled in behind Christopher Polvoorde in fifth. Polvoorde continued to move forward by making a pass on Anderson for third. The battle for the lead was close throughout the first half of the race, with Thomas sticking within a couple truck lengths, but Heger carried through to the competition caution.

When the green flag dropped for the second half of the race, the lead foursome of Heger, Thomas, Polvoorde and Beat all assumed their positions in the running order. With just a handful of laps to go, Heger suffered a big miscue and over-rotated a corner, which resulted in Thomas clipping his rear end and forcing a full spin. The mistake cost Heger several positions, but he rejoined the action just outside the top five. Thomas assumed the lead, with Polvoorde all over him in second, and Beat running third. A caution flag in the closing laps set the stage for some late drama, but it also proved to be a blessing in disguise for Beat, who was able to get a flat rear tire changed before the restart. When the green flag flew for the final three laps it was Thomas, Polvoorde and Weitzel lead the way, with the polesitter fighting his way back into contention after dropping as far back as 10th in the running order. However, the action was halted one final time for a stopped truck on the track. During this caution, Polvoorde was forced to give up second to also change a flat rear tire, which moved Weitzel up to second and Anderson to third. On the final restart, the lead trio maintained their spots on the track, but all eyes were on Heger, who was determined to rebound from his early troubles and salvage a solid result. Thomas went unchallenged en route to his third win of the season, taking the checkered flat 1.3 seconds ahead of Weitzel, while Heger stormed back onto the podium in third.

Saturday Pro Lite Results

  1. #44 Mickey Thomas
  2. #59 Jimmy Weitzel
  3. #12 Brock Heger
  4. #3 Trevor Leighton
  5. #1 Ryan Beat

Nothing was going to keep Thomas from his third win of the season on Saturday.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

With his win on Saturday, Mickey Thomas was in a position to make a move on Ryan Beat in the Pro Lite championship. All he needed was to have a similar performance on Sunday, and he’d be in a position to control his own destiny at the final round. Based on his qualifying performance, Thomas was going to have his work cut out for him, rolling off the grid in fifth, right behind Beat in third. The front row featured Ronnie Anderson on the pole, with Cole Mamer alongside in second. As the field roared to life at the drop of the green, Mamer was able to take advantage of a miscue by Anderson to take the lead, allowing Christopher Polvoorde to follow into second. Behind them, Beat snuck into third, while Thomas jumped up to fourth. Mamer was unable to make a corner, which caused him to give up the lead to Polvoorde, while Beat followed into second. Mamer continued just ahead of Thomas in third. As they continued, Beat briefly put his truck up on two wheels, which allowed Mamer to get back up into second. Not long after that, Polvoorde made a mistake and went off track while leading, which allowed Mamer to return to the front of the field. Polvoorde resumed in second. The caution then flew for an overturned truck.

The close action resumed on the restart, and while both Mamer and Polvoorde enjoyed solid holds on the top two spots, Beat was forced to deal with heavy pressure from Thomas in what was a significant battle in terms of the championship. Brock Heger added even more intrigue to this battle, but Thomas’ hopes doubling up on the weekend were dashed when he suffered a flat rear tire. Without Thomas in the mix, Heger went after Beat and made the pass for third. The caution flew again with just a handful of laps to go, erasing a healthy lead that Mamer had built up. When the racing resumed, Mamer looked to reestablish his dominance out front. With a comfortable lead in hand, Mamer made a big mistake late and gave up the top spot. Polvoorde assumed the lead, with Heger in second. Beat ran into Mamer from third, which gave the position to Anderson. The incident brought out the caution once more, and on the restart, Heger committed to making a move on the outside of Polvoorde. They navigated the turn side by side, which gave Heger the upper hand in the next corner where he took control of the race. The caution flew again with one lap to go and on the restart Polvoorde tried to make the pass happen early, but it didn’t work out. Heger carried on to his third win of the season ahead of Polvoorde, with Anderson third.

Heger’s win, combined with a sixth-place finish for Beat and a 12th-place finish for Thomas, have made things incredibly interesting heading into the final round of Pro Lite. Beat still sits atop the championship standings, with Heger moving up into second ahead of Thomas. Just 11 points separates all three drivers.

Sunday Pro Lite Results

  1. #12 Brock Heger
  2. #94 Christopher Polvoorde
  3. #52 Ronnie Anderson
  4. #59 Jimmy Weitzel
  5. #36 Kyle Knott

Pro Lite Points

  1. #1 Ryan Beat – 384
  2. #12 Brock Heger – 374
  3. #44 Mickey Thomas – 373
  4. #52 Ronnie Anderson – 349
  5. #59 Jimmy Weitzel – 336

An aggressive last-lap pass vaulted Heger (12) to victory on Sunday.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Friday Pro Buggy
With podium finishes at all but one race this season, Eliott Watson’s two victories and impressive consistency landed him atop the Pro Buggy standings heading into Glen Helen, where he brought in a comfortable 19-point lead over the field. Parity has been paramount in this class, and while Watson’s ability to stay out of trouble ultimately gave him the edge, it’s still a wide open championship battle with four different winners and six different podium finishers up to this point.

Chris Nunes, who entered the weekend second in points, started on the pole for the first race of the doubleheader on Saturday, with Matthew Brister alongside him on the front row. Watson rolled off the grid in fifth. When the green flag waved to kick things off Nunes bumped his way into the lead over Brister, while a wild battle for third ensued, with Bud Ward ultimately settling into the position just ahead of Watson. Out front, Nunes and Brister had checked out on the field and continued to spar for the top spot. More than a couple buggy lengths never separated the leaders, but Nunes withstood the pressure through to the competition caution at the halfway point of the race.

When they returned to racing, Nunes and Brister resumed their battle and once again opened up a big gap over the rest of the field. With the clear track, Nunes was able to maintain his hold of the lead, forcing Brister to search for alternate lines in an effort to avoid the roost. A late caution bunched the field up on final time and set the stage for a sprint to the checkered flag. Nunes nailed the restart to put a little distance between he and Brister, while Watson made an impressive move under Ward to jump up to third. The pace of the top two put some separation between them and Watson, and the head-to-head battle for the win heated up on the final laps as Brister put the pressure on Nunes. It was to no avail as Nunes carried on to his second win of the season by 1.5 seconds over Brister, with Watson in third.

Saturday Pro Buggy Results

  1. #2 Chris Nunes
  2. #5 Matthew Brister
  3. #3 Eliott Watson
  4. #98 Raymond Bowers
  5. #59 Trevor Briska

Nunes fended off consistent pressure to take a wire-to-wire win on Saturday.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Feeling the momentum of his Saturday triumph, Chris Nunes entered Sunday’s Pro Buggy race as the hottest driver in the division, and he had his sights set on a weekend sweep. Nunes started right where he wanted to in order to chase that sweep, grabbing the pole for the Sunday finale. Trevor Briska started alongside him. A great start at the drop of the green saw Nunes put his buggy up front from the get go, followed by Briska and Matthew Brister. The lead trio was able to check out on the field, with Nunes leading the way through to the competition caution at the midway point of the race.

When the action resumed, Nunes picked up where he left off, while Briska and Brister continued their fierce battle for second. It ultimately proved to be more of the same from the top three, as Nunes pulled away from the field and both Briska and Brister sticking to within a buggy length of one another for the bulk of the race. Nunes enjoyed a near-perfect wire-to-wire victory to clinch the weekend sweep and secure his third win of the season by 2.4 seconds over Briska, with Brister a close third.

The dominant weekend by Nunes allowed him to move into a tie with Eliott Watson for the championship lead in the Pro Buggy standings. Both drivers have been great all season long, and their battle will go down to the wire at the final round.

Sunday Pro Buggy Results

  1. #2 Chris Nunes
  2. #59 Trevor Briska
  3. #5 Matthew Brister
  4. #3 Eliott Watson
  5. #17 Bud Ward

Pro Buggy Points

  1. #2 Chris Nunes – 388
  2. #3 Eliott Watson – 388
  3. #5 Matthew Brister – 373
  4. #17 Bud Ward – 354
  5. #15 Trey Gibbs – 344

Nunes capped off a perfect weekend with another convincing win on Sunday.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Turbo UTV
Every round of Turbo UTV action throughout the 2019 season has been Corry Weller’s to lose, as the reigning class champion has continued to serve as the standard bearer in the division. A couple of bouts of misfortune has kept the glimmer of hope for her rivals glowing, but as they entered Glen Helen Weller was in possession of an impressive 26-point lead, highlighted by four wins.

Surprisingly, the opening race of the weekend on Saturday did not feature Weller anywhere near the front after she suffered a bad crash on Friday. As a result, Eliott Watson and Ronnie Anderson started things at the head of the pack while Weller began in fifth. When the green flag waved to begin the race, Watson took advantage of a stellar start to easily secure the lead, forcing Anderson into second and Trevor Leighton in third. A small bobble in a turn by Watson dramatically slowed his momentum and allowed Anderson to take over the lead, while Leighton followed through into second. Watson then lost another position to Keith Brooks.

A crash just before halfway brought out the caution and bunched the field together, and on the restart the lead foursome, which now included Weller, continued their battle up front. While Anderson and Leighton continued to run mere inches from one another, Weller took advantage of a big miscue from Brooks to move up to third. Up front, Leighton’s persistence paid off when Anderson put his UTV up on two wheels, opening the door for the No. 703 to take over the top spot. From there, Leighton continued to build on his advantage and cruised to his second straight win by 3.4 seconds over Anderson, who held off Weller in third.

Saturday Turbo UTV Results

  1. #703 Trevor Leighton
  2. #752 Ronnie Anderson
  3. #1 Corry Weller
  4. #764 Robert VanBeekum
  5. #718 Chance Haugen

Leighton was rock solid en route to capturing his second straight victory on Saturday.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

An action-packed race on Saturday set the stage for another thrilling outing on Sunday, which saw Robert VanBeekum starting on the pole alongside Ronnie Anderson. Reigning champion Corry Weller and Saturday’s winner, Trevor Leighton, occupied Row 2. As the action got underway with the wave of the green flag, VanBeekum was able to hold off Anderson to take the early lead, while Weller slotted into third. After losing a spot to Leighton, Weller made a rare miscue and spun around, which dropped her to the rear of the running order. The battle up front was tight, as the top three established a big lead over the rest of the field. Anderson hounded VanBeekum for the top spot, but to no avail. Finally, just before the halfway point Anderson made a stellar move to get to VanBeekum’s inside and nudge him out of the way, which also allowed Leighton to challenge for second. As they battled, the caution came out, which ultimately put VanBeekum back into the lead.

On the restart, Anderson applied the pressure immediately and stuck onto VanBeekum’s rear fender throughout the lap, which ultimately allowed him to make a nice over-under move to take over the top spot. Not long after that, Leighton came under fire from Eliott Watson for third, with Watson successfully making the pass. As he did, the two made contact, which forced Leighton wide and allowed Weller to claw her way back into the top four after running as far down as 13th. Out front, the clear track allowed Anderson to pull away in the closing laps and capture his first win of the season, followed by VanBeekum in second and Watson in third.

Weller survived through one of her most challenging weekends of the season with solid results. While her points lead has shrunk to just 11 points entering the final round, she’ll be heading to her home track and will have the support of the hometown crowd as she looks to defend her Turbo UTV crown.

Sunday Turbo UTV Results

  1. #752 Ronnie Anderson
  2. #764 Robert VanBeekum
  3. #713 Eliott Watson
  4. #1 Corry Weller
  5. #718 Chance Haugen

Turbo UTV Points

  1. #1 Corry Weller – 387
  2. #752 Ronnie Anderson – 376
  3. #718 Chance Haugen – 353
  4. #703 Trevor Leighton – 343
  5. #713 Eliott Watson – 333

Anderson’s patient persistence paid off with his first win of the season on Sunday.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Production 1000 UTV
The battle atop the Production UTV standings has been exceptional all season long, with Robert Stout and defending champion Brock Heger capturing the lion’s share of victories. Four podium finishes through the first six rounds, including two wins, allowed Stout to bring a 10-point lead over Heger into Glen Helen, amplified by a misfortune-plagued weekend at the previous event by Heger, whose trio of wins led the division.

The front row of the first race of the weekend on Saturday saw Billy Nichols and Brandon Arthur lead the field to green, while Heger and Stout started nose-to-tail from one another in fourth and sixth, respectively. At the drop of the green Arthur got a tremendous jump that carried him into the lead, which also allowed Heger to storm into second from the outside of Row 2, dropping Nichols to third. Heger was relentless in his pursuit of the lead and he made an impressive move on Arthur to seize control of the top spot in the opening laps. Heger started to build on his lead, which ultimately applied pressure on Stout to work his way forward from outside the top five. As the field came to take the competition caution at the halfway point, Stout had battled his way up to fifth, while Heger enjoyed a comfortable hold of the lead.

Heger got a solid start when racing resumed and rebuilt his lead over the field. Arthur’s UTV appeared to lose power while running second, which handed second to Myles Cheek and third to Nichols. Robby Hornsby attempted to make a pass on Nichols for third, forcing contact between the two cars. Hornsby went up on two wheels, while Nichols suffered a blow to his momentum. That incident opened the door for Stout to make the charge from fifth, passing both Hornsby and Nichols to move into podium position. Stout received even more good fortune a short time later when Cheek spun out from second, handing the position over to Stout and moving Nichols up into third. Out front, Heger was dominant en route to his fourth win of the season, 4.6 seconds ahead of Stout, who minimized the damage. A late pass by Hornsby allowed him to grab third.

Saturday Production 1000 UTV Results

  1. #1 Brock Heger
  2. #915 Robert Stout
  3. #916 Robby Hornsby
  4. #969 Doug Mittag
  5. #987 Billy Nichols

Despite starting fourth, Heger (1) stormed to the front to take the Saturday win.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

With one win under his belt on the weekend, Brock Heger was in search of his second doubleheader sweep of the season on Sunday. While he missed out on the pole, Heger still started on the front row alongside polesitter Robby Hornsby, with fellow title contenders Robert Stout and Myles Cheek in Row 2. When the green flag waved to kick things off, Heger made an impressive move on the outside of the first turn to wrestle the lead from Hornsby, while Cheek settled into third. Cheek then applied pressure on Hornsby for second and as he dove to the inside he lost control of his UTV and slammed into Hornsby. It righted Cheek and kept him going in the runner-up spot, but it ended Hornsby’s race with a broken wheel, bringing out the caution. On the restart, Heger maintained his hold on the lead, followed by Cheek and Brandon Arthur. Arthur was running solidly in third when he appeared to suffer an issue with his UTV, allowing Stout to move up to third. Heger easily led the field to competition caution.

When the second half of the race got underway, Cheek applied heavy pressure on Heger. The champ held off the challenge and inched away a bit. Soon enough, Stout was pressuring Cheek for second, successfully taking over the position. Cheek appeared to lose a bit of pace in his UTV, which then allowed Dallas Nord to move up to third. Out front, Heger successfully completed the weekend sweep with his fifth win of the season just ahead of Stout. Nord finished in third.

Despite being the winningest driver in Production UTV, Heger still has more ground to gain on Stout, who minimized the damage in the standings with his back-to-back runner-up finishes. The class’ two most successful drivers are separated by just seven points heading into the final round.

Sunday Production 1000 UTV Results

  1. #1 Brock Heger
  2. #915 Robert Stout
  3. #974 Dallas Nord
  4. #957 Myles Cheek
  5. #997 Matt Lippman

Production 1000 UTV Points

  1. #915 Robert Stout – 397
  2. #1 Brock Heger – 390
  3. #957 Myles Cheek – 358
  4. #916 Robby Hornsby – 336
  5. ##974 Dallas Nord – 294

Heger capped off the weekend sweep with a statement win on Sunday.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Mod Kart
While the season didn’t start out quite like he would have hoped, Mason Prater has continued to show he’s the driver to beat in Mod Kart throughout 2019. Anchored by a pair of victories and three-straight podium finishes entering Glen Helen, Prater was able to open up a healthy 26-point lead over the field and simply needed to keep up the consistency in order to protect it.

Prater started Saturday’s Mod Kart race from the third spot on the grid, right behind polesitter Luke Knupp and Bronsen Chiaramonte. As the field came to take the green flag, Chiaramonte seized control of the early lead, but Knupp battled back to take the spot away before the completion of the opening lap, with Prater slotting into third. As he looked to attempt a pass on Chiaramonte for second, Prater lost some momentum, which allowed reigning class champion Brody Eggleston to move up to third and drop Prater out of podium contention. A five-car freight train ran nose-to-tail through the opening stage of the race, until Eggleston got into the rear of Chiaramonte and spun him out of second. That opened the door for Braden Chiaramonte to jump up to third, after Prater was forced into evasive action. More contact amongst the leaders saw Chiaramonte move up to second and Prater up to third, and dropped Eggleston to fourth as they came to the competition caution at the midway point.

When the green flag waves again, Prater was aggressive in search of the lead. He fought his way up to second and put pressure on Knupp for the lead before Chiaramonte battled back to reclaim the position. Eggleston then went on the attack on Prater and dropped him to fourth, while Chiaramonte took advantage of a bobble by Knupp to seize control of the lead. Prater was able to settle into third, while Eggleston battled with Jaden Uribe for fourth.

A pair of late cautions kept the field close and ultimately allowed Eggleston to reclaim third from Prater. On the final restart, Chiaramonte, who dominated once he moved into the lead, easily maintained his advantage, while Knupp and Eggleston duked it out for second. As they came to the white flag Eggleston successfully made the move for second, and from there the running order stayed the same through to the finish. Chiaramonte took his first win of the season over Eggleston, followed by Knupp in third.

Saturday Mod Kart Results

  1. #573 Braden Chiaramonte
  2. #514 Brody Eggleston
  3. #554 Luke Knupp
  4. #505 Mason Prater
  5. #577 Ethan Ebert

One of the most exciting Mod Kart races of the season saw Chiaramonte take the Saturday win.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

After some fierce competition on Saturday, it was anyone’s guess as to who might prevail in Sunday’s Mod Kart weekend finale. After missing out on the action alongside his brother the day before, Trey Eggleston was able to put his Kart on pole alongside Ethan Ebert, followed by a slew of heavy hitters in Bronsen Chiaramonte, Mason Prater, Braden Chiaramonte and Brody Eggleston. When they came to take the green flag to kick off the race, Brody Eggleston and Ebert bumped and banged their way through the first turn, from which Ebert emerged with the lead, only to have it all go away in the next corner when he was unable to make the turn, dropping him to the tail end of the field. That handed the lead over to Eggleston, followed by Prater and Bronsen Chiaramonte. Prater was able to make an aggressive move to get around Eggleston and take the lead just after the completion of the opening lap, but when the caution came out a short time later it put Eggleston back up front. Prater looked to get the lead back when racing resumed, but Eggleston held strong and led the field to the competition caution at halfway.

When they returned to green for the second half of the race, Eggleston picked up where he left off and maintained his firm hold of the top spot, while Prater did the same running second. The battle for third heated up between Brody Eggleston, Braden Chiaramonte and Bronsen Chiaramonte, with Braden ultimately prevailing with the position. As the laps wound down, Trey Eggleston continued to inch away from his rivals, while Prater came under fire from both Chiaramonte and Brody Eggleston. Chiaramonte attempted to make a pass on Prater, but it cost him as Eggleston dove underneath in the final corner. Trey Eggleston carried on to take his first win of the season ahead of Prater, with Brody Eggleston grabbing third at the finish.

Prater’s solid weekend allowed him to maintain his comfortable lead atop the Mod Kart standings, which now sits at 20 points over Braden Chiaramonte heading into the final round.

Sunday Mod Kart Results

  1. #590 Trey Eggleston
  2. #505 Mason Prater
  3. #514 Brody Eggleston
  4. #573 Braden Chiaramonte
  5. #566 Dalton Turpin

Mod Kart Points

  1. #505 Mason Prater – 305
  2. #573 Braden Chiaramonte – 285
  3. #514 Brody Eggleston – 254
  4. #590 Trey Eggleston – 246
  5. #544 John Holtger – 241

Eggleston (left) fended off all challengers to grab victory on Sunday.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Junior 2 Kart
Every round of the 2019 season has been up for grabs in Junior 2 Kart, and it’s made for a highly competitive season in which a different winner has emerged at every round. Through it all, Jessie Owens came into Glen Helen as the point leader by virtue of her 2-1 finishes at the last round, which gave her a narrow edge over Broedy Graham.

Rhyan Denney and Talan Martin occupied the front row to start the first race of the weekend on Saturday, with Owens and Graham starting in fifth and ninth, respectively. The lead duo asserted themselves at the front of the field at the drop of the green, with Denney assuming the lead over Martin. Cade Martin held third for a short time, but Logan Leggitt soon took over the spot. From there, a heated four-way battle up front ensued as the Martins put heavy pressure on Denney for the lead. A tactful Cade Martin was able to work some alternate lines to get around his cousin for second, and then went on the attack to get by Denney for the lead just before the competition caution, bringing Talan Martin with him into second.

When racing resumed, the Martin cousins put on a show as they went head-to-head for the win, while Denney ran solidly in third, ready to make a move should the leaders slip up. While very little separated the top three, Cade Martin held off the pressure to become the first multi-race winner of the season by edging out his cousin, with Denney in third.

Saturday Junior 2 Kart Results

  1. #407 Cade Martin
  2. #411 Talan Martin
  3. #460 Rhyan Denney
  4. #495 Cole Gamma
  5. #481 Logan Leggitt

Martin (right) became the first multi-race winner in Junior 2 Kart with the Saturday win.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

As the field took to the track for its final race on Sunday, it was the Martin cousins who picked up right where they left off on Saturday by occupying the front row, with Cade on the pole and Talan alongside in second. Both Martin’s grabbed a great start once the green flag waved with Talan jumping out to the lead. Together, they quickly put some distance between themselves and third place, Rhyan Denney. A crash forced the caution to fly prior to the midway point of the race and brought the field back together.

Upon the restart, the Martins retained their hold on the top two spots, while Denney was forced to deal with some pressure from point leader Jessie Owens. Out front, the Martins were in a class of their own and despite numerous attempts to get around his cousin, Cade Martin couldn’t make a pass happen, allowing Talan to get an equal share of the win total for the family at Glen Helen, finishing just ahead of his cousin. Denney earned her second straight podium finish in third.

The big weekend for the Martins paid big dividends in the championship battle, as both drivers now sit tied atop the Junior 2 Kart standings with one race to go. While she lost her hold of the lead, Owens still remains in the hunt from third, just four points back.

Sunday Junior 2 Kart Results

  1. #411 Talan Martin
  2. #407 Cade Martin
  3. #460 Rhyan Denney
  4. #497 Jessie Owens
  5. #466 Broedy Graham

Junior 2 Kart Points

  1. #407 Cade Martin – 272
  2. #411 Talan Martin – 272
  3. #497 Jessie Owens – 268
  4. #466 Broedy Graham – 259
  5. #460 Rhyan Denney – 249

The Martins (first, second) were dominant on Sunday with a second straight 1-2 finish.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

RZR 170
George Llamosas has come on strong in the late stages of the season to seize control of the RZR 170 standings. Coming into Glen Helen, his back-to-back wins at the previous round allowed him to establish a slim five-point lead over TJ Siewers, but more importantly, he carried the hot hand into the doubleheader.

When the green flag dropped on the first race of the weekend on Saturday, Siewers was dealt misfortune almost immediately when he spun in the first turn after starting on the pole. That spin was aided by some contact from his fellow front-row starter, Ryder Chapman, and the ensuing evasive action from the rest of the 15-car field allowed Llamosas to surge from his eighth-place starting spot and into the lead on the opening lap. Tatum Forester slotted into second, followed by Chapman in third. As he looked to make a pass for second, Chapman hit Forester’s rear wheel, which caused the cars to stick together and allowed Jennifer Owens to move into second.

A wild opening lap allowed Llamosas to establish a big lead over the field, which he carried through to the competition caution at the halfway point of the race, followed by Travis Sallee in second and Kendall Hawks in third. When they returned to green, Llamosas reestablished his comfortable lead on the field, while all eyes shifted towards a hard-charging Siewers. Despite his troubles early on, the polesitter rebounded to fight his way back into the top three and eventually up into second after an impressive pass on Sallee. Out front, Llamosas stormed to his third straight victory by 1.5 seconds over Siewers, with Sallee in third.

Saturday RZR 170 Results

  1. #188 George Llamosas
  2. #101 TJ Siewers
  3. #171 Travis Sallee
  4. #106 Kendall Hawks
  5. #155 Carson Greco

As the hottest driver in RZR 170, George Llamosas carried the momentum into Sunday’s action, chasing a fourth consecutive win. Ryder Chapman and TJ Siewers once again occupied the front row to start the race, with Llamosas in a prime position, starting third. Chapman capitalized on a stellar start to assume the lead at the drop of the green, while Llamosas wasted little time moving into second. Behind them, Siewers settled into third. Chapman was dominant over the first half of the race and had built a massive lead on Llamosas when they took the competition caution at halfway.

When they returned to green, Llamosas amped up the pressure on Chapman, and even pushed the leader on several occasions in hopes of creating an opening to make a pass. Chapman withstood the challenge for a while, but Llamosas was able to get alongside, which led to contact between the two as Chapman attempted to defend. Llamosas got the better end of the incident and took control of the race as Chapman dropped off the pace, allowing Siewers to take over second and Travis Sallee third. Once out front, it was clear sailing for Llamosas, who carried on to make it four in a row. He took the checkered flag ahead of Siewers, who enjoyed a spirited battle for the runner-up spot with Sallee throughout the second half of the race.

The winning streak for Llamosas has allowed him to open up a seven-point lead over Siewers in the RZR 170 standings with one round remaining.

Sunday RZR 170 Results

  1. #188 George Llamosas
  2. #101 TJ Siewers
  3. #171 Travis Sallee
  4. #155 Carson Greco
  5. #115 Chaden Zane Minder

RZR 170 Points

  1. #188 George Llamosas – 307
  2. #101 TJ Siewers – 300
  3. #171 Travis Sallee – 282
  4. #155 Carson Greco – 240
  5. #115 Chaden Zane Minder – 232

The Glen Helen grandstands were jam-packed with fans all weekend long.
Photo: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Following a captivating and unpredictable journey to get there, the last and most action-packed day of 2019 season remains for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. With so many championship battles coming down to the wire, it’s fitting that each title will ultimately be decided with a two-for-one finale from Chandler, Arizona’s Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. The championship’s second visit to the Valley of the Sun is sure to be the most memorable round of the season, where one day and the two most critical points-paying races await at the GEICO Off Road Championship, presented by General Tire, on Saturday, October 26. The championship-deciding final round will be streamed LIVE on Lucas Oil Racing TV.